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Tips for Hot Dogs

Let them have frozen vegetables i.e. brussels, baby sweetcorn, baby carrots etc. By the time they've played about with them they are defrosted and a tasty, healthy treat.

Put bedding and blankets in the freezer (no not the domestic one) for a while, making it really cold.

Obviously a nice shaded garden and hosepipe to play with are ideal.

Water frozen in large containers for long journeys, also frozen wet towels kept in a cooler box.

Have car windows tinted, preferably with a reflective skin to reflect sunlight & keep cars cool.

Fill giant Kongs with apple, carrot, honey, yoghurt etc, close with a piece of bread & freeze.

Keeps hot dogs quiet for hours.

Use battery driven fans in the car or van, even with air conditioning, to circulate air.

Take plenty of shades with you to outdoor events and use them at home too.



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